On Topic: A New Beginning

Washington, D.C. — Oct. 22, 2016 (Jonas Miller)

I very optimistically view tomorrow — Wednesday, January 20th — as the start of a new beginning.

Outside of any personal celebrations, accomplishments, or milestones — it would be difficult to look back on the last four years and say they were ‘good.’

Time will tell whether these last 1,461 days have changed our world for better or worse. Take it from someone who works in Television, while there is always bad news — good news is never too far behind.

It doesn’t matter what the shore looks like in the evening — as the sun rises the next morning, everything will be as it was. The waves overnight, washing away any and all mistakes, imperfections, achievements, or failures. Every new day is filled with as much opportunity as the last — the most should always be made of it.

— Anonymous

This is less of a blog and more of space where I want to feel free to express my thoughts. I say want because that’s often what gets in the way of my writing. I know I can, but to want is to break through the social barrier of fear and self consciousness that prevents us (me) from doing certain things we know we could be doing.

I want to share my thoughts in a way that helps me self reflect, and encourages anyone who reads to do the same.

The title — On Topic — is my way of reminding myself to do anything but.

That’s the beauty of writing. There are no rules as to what directions you can and cannot go. I could have taken this post and turned it into a diatribe against the Boston Red Sox for so selfishly dealing Mookie Betts, arguably the most all-around gifted played to ever put on a red and white uniform — I didn’t, but I could have. Maybe I will.

I don’t know who will follow along, but it doesn’t matter. This is for me. If you made it this far, congratulations, and thank you.

Until next time.




Writing for fun.

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Jonas Miller

Jonas Miller

Writing for fun.

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